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Someone please Help I need advice for my 11 year old Senior teacup pomeranian?

I am turning to anyone with experience in caring for a senior tea-cup Pomeranian, I need some advice PLEASE, Our family dog is an 11 year old…

ASKED BY Member 1203365 on 12/8/13
TAGGED tumors, congestiveheartfailure, enlargedheart, swollenabdomen IN Health & Wellness

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My dog just diagnosed with severe CKD! What do I do?

My 12yr Maltipoo (33lb) diagnosed today w/ CKD, stage 4-5, prognosis "poor". She's been slowly declining for months, lethargic, sleeping more, back…

ASKED BY Member 1185489 on 8/13/13
TAGGED ckd, kidneyfailure IN Health & Wellness

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7 year old toy poodle will no longer sleep through the night in her crate. Why?

I've got a 7 year old toy poodle, and she hasn't been sleeping through the night for a few months now. She wakes up at about 3am and then refuses to…

ASKED BY Member 1156634 on 2/23/13
TAGGED whining, notsleeping, crate, bed, heart, problems, failure IN Other Behavior & Training

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Should I go with my dad to put my dog (and best friend) down?

My dad is putting my dog down this week. Murphy is an almost 14 year old chocolate lab and unofficially has congestive heart failure. He is very…

ASKED BY Member 1037043 on 6/11/11
TAGGED lab, help, euthanasia, congestive, heart, failure, friend, put, down IN Loss of a Pet

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Mandy, my bff Yorkie. Is it possible/what can be done to improve poor kidney values/functioning? TY?

I am looking for any suggestions, homemade diets, homeopathic, anything that can help improve her kidney function/values. She is not in complete…

ASKED BY Member 998095 on 7/24/10
TAGGED kidney, renal, dogs, cretin, kidneyhealth, kidneyfunction, kidneyfailure, urea, yorkie, yorkshireterrier IN Illness & Disease


What does it mean when my dog's pee is brown?

My dog is 13 and he sometimes makes "accidents" in the house. One day, he peed and it was brown. Could this mean Kidney failure? We can't really…

ASKED BY Jack on 3/24/10
TAGGED kidney, failure, brown, pee, vet, health IN Health & Wellness

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What can i do to get my dog to eat?

i just got a new dog, hes 1 1/2 years. i gave him pedagree mixed with soft pedagree. and he still not eating how can i get him to eat without being…

ASKED BY Member 852375 on 7/6/09
TAGGED food, failuretoeat, softfood, hardfood, hungry IN Food & Nutrition

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