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My dog refuses to go on walks, to the point we have to carry her. Help?

We got her from family friends who have taken care of a lot of dogs/puppies. When we got her they said she knew simple commands, and leash walked very…

ASKED BY Member 1135986 on 10/15/12
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My 6 year old Mastiff is becoming steadily more aggressive - why and how do I stop this?

We rescued a 6-year-old Mastiff about 6 months ago. We know nothing of her history, but that she was found running in the woods of North Carolina…

ASKED BY Member 939383 on 1/18/10
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Is it normal for my English mastiff to have a small head?

My new English mastiff has a very small head. Is this normal for large breeds because he will grow into his body as he ages? I know that he has…

ASKED BY Papabear on 2/25/09
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We are getting an E. Mastiff puppy. I would like to know what other Canadian Mastiff owners are feeding their dogs?

Does anyone have any recommendations on food or foods to stay away from. Previously, we owned a boxer that we fed Fortum (PetCetera) and the boxer did…

ASKED BY Member 790539 on 1/11/09
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