Training a dog to stay in yard(to use an e-collar or not)?

Two months ago, there was a car accident outside of my house which has left a large hole in my wooden fence. Since then, I have been letting Noelle…

ASKED BY Noelle on 3/9/12
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Lady Anne

What are some good ways to occupy a crated dog wearing an e-collar?

My lab Lady just had TPLO done and is on crate rest for 2 months. She has to wear the e-collar constantly for 10-14 days. So far she can't chew…

ASKED BY Lady Anne on 8/20/10
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Guest Member Since

Scratchex Flea meds?

I bought a 3 month supply and like Advantage you set it on the pets back and he wanted it off. He was rubbing his bedding then he started running…

ASKED BY Member 610183 on 6/6/08
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Hunny von Poopiebutt

How do I keep my goldie from licking his wound that's almost dried up? Been wearing the Ecollar on and off for 3 days?

Vet has given him antibiotic, antihistamine for a week and I clean his wound 2x a day with betadine. When I take his Ecollar off to go on a 'break…

ASKED BY Hunny von Poopiebutt on 10/13/07
TAGGED ecollar, lickingwound, wound, skin problem IN Skin Problems