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Senior German Shepherd dog keeps eating dirt, cement and moss?

I've done all the research I can but I just can't get one answer. She's 13 years old and slowly losing her hearing and sight and she's getting weaker…

ASKED BY Member 1175436 on 6/14/13
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My 13 yr old Shih Tsu has eaten dirt, has had diarrhea and now swollen anus and an odor.Do I take him to a vet?

Just moved into house with no backyard landscaping. My dog comes in the house with dirt all over his mouth. I think he is digesting the dirt. He is 13…

ASKED BY Member 1146430 on 12/24/12
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Why does my dog eat small stones and then vomit them back up?

My dog has access to a dog run with a stone base. I observed him scraping some of the stones aside to get at the soil beneath. While eating soil, he…

ASKED BY Member 1114464 on 6/7/12
TAGGED eatingdirt, vomiting IN Behavior & Training