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My 6 month old sheltie eats cat poo every day. We have 2cats so that's 4 helpings a day. Can't stand it anymore. Help?

We have two outdoor cats and our Puppy eats their poop twice a day--thats 4 helpings a day. Sometimes our puppy eats his own poo too. We can…

ASKED BY Member 1103581 on 4/1/12
TAGGED dog, eatingcatpoop IN Coprophagy (Stool Eating)

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What can i put in to cat food so my dog will not eat the cat poo poop?

whst can i feed or give my cat so my dog will not eat the cat poop, or what can i feed or give my dog to make not eat cat poop

ASKED BY Member 642430 on 6/10/08
TAGGED eatingcatpoop, howtostopit IN Behavior & Training