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Doggie dorrs for Italian Greyhounds while at work or crate or confine to large bathroom?

Want to be able to let my Italian Greyhound go in and out during the day while I am at work. I will have another 16 year old dog in the house as…

ASKED BY Member 1225029 on 5/5/14
TAGGED italiangreyhound, crate, doggiedoor IN Behavior & Training

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Is pepprmint oil okay to use around dogs to get rid of mice Could it have the unwanted effect of not using the dog door?

I want to use peppermint oil around my doggie door where mice are entering, as I can't keep it closed during day, and they are now in my house. I want…

ASKED BY Member 1151585 on 1/23/13
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What does it mean if my dog randomly yelps when eating or walking?

My dog will randomly yelp or cry when hes eating or walking or even going through the doggy door. Whats wrong with him?

ASKED BY Member 1135950 on 10/15/12
TAGGED yelping, eating, walking, randomly, doggiedoor IN Health & Wellness

Updating my home. It was recommended to me to have at least some of the hard flooring a wood or wood looking product?

Bamboo was recommended to me by a local lumber wood type flooring store. I'd prefer to stay away from laminate, as this is what I am replacing, it…

ASKED BY "Jazz" on 7/1/12
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My dog is scared of his doggie door after using it OK for a year. He went thru too fast and hurt himself, what can I do?

My 16 month old Italian Greyhound has successfully used his doggie door since 8 weeks age. He comes and goes during the day, and also at night…

ASKED BY Riley on 1/25/12
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I live in upstate ny and want to get a doggie door for me, an australian blue heeler...recommendations?

i live in upstate ny and want to get a doggie door for me, an australian blue heeler...i need one that will seal good since we get TONS of cold…

ASKED BY Edison on 10/29/09
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