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My dog has separation extreme separation anxiety and I am running out of options?

Every time i leave the house he destroys anything he can touch and pees everywhere. I cant leave him outside, its too cold and he can find a way out…

ASKED BY Member 1155112 on 2/13/13
TAGGED anxiety, separation, peeing, destroying IN Behavior & Training

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3 yr old Weimaraner with severe anxiety?

We have a three year old male Weimaraner and we're having issues with his severe anxiety. If we are not present, he will jump onto the counters…

ASKED BY Member 1136306 on 10/17/12
TAGGED weimaraner, whining, destroying IN Separation Anxiety

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My 4 Month OLD GSD male puppy is running and destroying…

My 4 Month Old GSD puppy is destroying everything he gets front of his mount. He is energetic . When I call him or try to go near him he runs out…

ASKED BY Member 1091592 on 3/15/12
TAGGED training, germanshepherd, destroying IN Other Behavior & Training

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How do I get my 11 month old Lab to stop digging and taking my chihuahua's bed and destroying it?

I have taken her to two obedience classes and work with her everyday. She is also walked twice daily, taken to the dog park once a week, played…

ASKED BY Member 1096574 on 3/1/12
TAGGED chewing, destroying, labs, chihuahua, stealing IN Other Behavior & Training

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HELP! How do I stop my dog from destroying things?

I have recently moved into an apartment with my friend and her dog. My dog is a little over a year old and her dog just turned 3. Our dogs have…

ASKED BY Member 1022417 on 2/8/11
TAGGED chewing, destroying, puppy, newroommate, badbehavior, shoes, twodogs, aggressive, dominant IN Chewing

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My dog is destroying my yard?

We adopted a sweet dog last year and he has destroyed the yard. He chases the squirrels along the fence and has broken anything in his way. He is a…

ASKED BY Member 557083 on 10/11/10
TAGGED destroyingyard, eatschews IN Behavior & Training

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Why does my dog go insane when the mailman comes?

It doesn't matter what it is, he will destroy it. We have replaced several blinds and shades, couches, and chairs. There is also no windowsill left…

ASKED BY Member 1005081 on 9/21/10
TAGGED chewing, destroying, mailman, agression, insane, crazy, stubborn, barking, whining, dog IN Aggression

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