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How do I stop my (foster) dog from cowering and peeing only at a certain time?

I have been fostering a dogs for about 2 mos. now. It is just my dog and myself in the home. But, when my daughter comes home from college, an issue…

ASKED BY Member 1146229 on 12/22/12
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2year old german shepherd cowers and urinates when my husband puts his lead on?

Major our 2yr old german shepherd is one of the family never been illtreated. My husband is getting upset when Major cowers why should he do this when…

ASKED BY Member 1036255 on 6/5/11
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Daisy Layne

My Pitbull mix, Daisy, gets so scared at bath time, she cowers and shakes in the bathroom. Please help?

I've tried treats, but she won't even look at them or smell them. I tried waiting until she was ready, but she wouldn't stop shaking. It's even…

ASKED BY Daisy Layne on 2/3/09
TAGGED bath, scared, cowers, shakes IN Fears & Phobias