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If dogs in their fenced area kill a stray dog are there legal ramifications for the owner of the fenced dogs?

Happened in Colorado. Stray got through the fence in the middle of private property. Stray dog had internal injuries only which resulted in death.

ASKED BY Member 1172107 on 5/26/13
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I have a dog rescue in south eastern illinois. What is the best way to find transport for 8 dogs to Boulder Colorado?

I am in need of transport for 8 dogs of different breeds from SE Illinois to a Boulder Colorado Rescue. Can anyone help? Thank you so much, Carol…

ASKED BY Member 823870 on 4/7/09
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Dog parks / runs in Colorado?

I am going to Steamboat Springs for a month with my mum. I love to meet and play with other pups. Any idea where I can meet other dogs and…

ASKED BY Tiger on 6/6/08
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