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Getting a purebred Husky in 2 weeks! Any advice?

My husband and I are getting an 8 week old Husky in 2 weeks. This is going to be my first dog of my own. My family had dogs growing up, but this…

ASKED BY Member 1232046 on 8/15/14
TAGGED newpuppy, feeding, fencing, packdog IN Other Puppies

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My dog just diagnosed with severe CKD! What do I do?

My 12yr Maltipoo (33lb) diagnosed today w/ CKD, stage 4-5, prognosis "poor". She's been slowly declining for months, lethargic, sleeping more, back…

ASKED BY Member 1185489 on 8/13/13
TAGGED ckd, kidneyfailure IN Health & Wellness

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I think my dog is sick... should I start a rice and boiled chicken and pedialyte diet?

My 1 year old maltese mix has been having loose stools lately, and some vomiting. The vomit appears to be bile, although she has been eating…

ASKED BY Member 1181286 on 7/19/13
TAGGED sickdog, vomit, loosestools, diarrhea, bloodystool, vet IN Emergencies & First Aid

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How to teach dog to bite on aggressive body parts ?

My Dog already know how to bite on right hand on an attacker . But may any trainer will tell me that how to teach my dog to attack on aggressive…

ASKED BY Member 1126270 on 8/18/12
TAGGED attackdog, gsd, germanshepherd, training IN Agility & Sports

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I need some advice on home cooked meals for my dog?

Mikey is my slight crazy 4 y.o chi x silky terrier. We adopted him when he was 9 month old and since that first month we had issues with him…

ASKED BY Member 1110673 on 5/14/12
TAGGED foodsickdogvomit IN Homemade Food

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My dog keeps peeing on herself and will not move at all?

she has gone to the bathroom at least 20 times in the last hour and then she laid down and started peeing where she was laying. Now she will not…

ASKED BY Member 989262 on 5/27/10
TAGGED sickdog IN Emergencies & First Aid

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