Can you help us determine our puppy's breed?

We took her to the vet and have asked several other people and for the most part they have told us she is a shepherd mix. One said an Aussie mix…

ASKED BY Latte on 11/7/13
TAGGED puppy, shepherd, aussie, malinois, chowchow IN Mixed Breeds

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Tippy toeing on hind legs?

My 2 1/2 chow chow Teddy has a hind leg problem. I found him on thursday tippy toeing on both his hind legs, then sitting down after a few steps, he…

ASKED BY Member 1118784 on 7/3/12
TAGGED chowchow, hind, legs, tippytoeing IN Illness & Disease


1 1/2 yr old German Shepherd/ Chow Chow's ears: Will they stay floppy or will they eventually stand up?(see profile pic)?

My ears flop. Sometimes they can straighten up if I jerk my head real quick to look at something but otherwise they stay floppy. Will my ears stay…

ASKED BY North on 2/2/11
TAGGED germanshepherd, chowchow IN Mixed Breeds


My 10 year old chow chow/ collie mix dog bit my dad for no reason. Could this be a sign that we need to put him down?

BA my 10 year old dog bit my dad for tring to pick up a piece of paper he never acted this way toward us not even as a puppy.

ASKED BY BA on 12/7/10
TAGGED chowchows, collies, behaveral IN Answers


Is a collie and a chow chow mix a good dog? What heath problems do you think it would have when mixed?

I have a chow chow collie mix and i just want to know more about the two breeds health

ASKED BY BA on 11/8/10
TAGGED breeding, dogs, chowchows, collies IN Chow Chow


Can a female dog be pregnant by more than one male?

I've heard the answer is yes, but that each puppy only has one father. I have a three-month old puppy, Foxie, who I know 100% has a purebred…

ASKED BY Daegan on 11/21/09
TAGGED germanshepherd, pitbull, chowchow, mixedbreed, pregnant, puppy, father IN Mixed Breeds

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I have a 7 week male Chow chow Australian shepherd mix and was wondering if it's too early to train him?

What do I do about his early signs of aggression, like barking whenever you tell him "no" when chewing on rugs and shoes.

ASKED BY Member 787815 on 1/5/09
TAGGED chowchowmix, training, aggression IN Behavior & Training

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