Shelter Puppy

What Dog Breed is this shelter puppy?

I have been visiting this little guy in the shelter the past 2 days. I am legit interested in adopting him. I just wish I had a better idea of his…

ASKED BY Shelter Puppy on 7/22/15
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What breed is mixed with my Catahoula?

Alright everyone! What is your input? Louie here was a shelter rescue. They believe him to be a Catahoula leopard dog mix, but they are unsure what he…

ASKED BY Louie on 2/26/14
TAGGED catahoulaleoparddog, breed, rescue, mutt, mix IN Breeds C-F


What Breed is my rescue pup? Also how big might he get?

He is 5 months old, and 30 pounds the shelter said he is a caathoula and hound mix but i don't see it. Maybe a pitt mix? Greyhound? I have no idea…

ASKED BY Azar on 11/20/13
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What breed is my dog, Azar?

He is 4.5 months old and 25 pounds, they said he was a Catahoula and Hound mix at the shelter. His ears are rosed like a greyhound but they are…

ASKED BY Azar on 10/30/13
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What breed do you think my Pit Mix is mixed with?

All we were told when we adopted him was pit mix. He's 5 months old, but the vet said he has all his adult teeth so if he does grow anymore, it'll…

ASKED BY Member 1106658 on 4/19/12
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Can you help me figure out our new puppy's breed? Catahoula and what?

We adopted a puppy from a shelter this past weekend and she was listed as a Catahoula mix. I thought she looked part pit but my husband didn't think…

ASKED BY Snickers on 3/30/12
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Looking at Catahoula puppies. Good family pet?

Found some info online that is worrisome. Can this breed be a good family pet, or is the breed naturally overly energetic and destructive? I found a…

ASKED BY Member 1094932 on 2/24/12
TAGGED breed, catahoula, puppy, choosing IN Breeds

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