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I need help reading/understand my Buster's ultrasound?

My rescue dog had to go in for surgery last year in Aug and it was a major one to have his spleen removed due to it ruptured fm tumor. The ER vet…

ASKED BY Member 1249607 1 week, 4 days ago
TAGGED understandultrasoundscancerreadinglumps IN Cancer

Shelter Puppy

What Dog Breed is this shelter puppy?

I have been visiting this little guy in the shelter the past 2 days. I am legit interested in adopting him. I just wish I had a better idea of his…

ASKED BY Shelter Puppy 1 week, 5 days ago
TAGGED breed, adoption, beagle, heeler, catahoula, shelter IN Mixed Breeds

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Why does my pug keep pooping?

My dog keeps pooping in her cage every night. She's 5 and this only started about 8 weeks ago. She isn't sick that we know of. It smells like bleach…

ASKED BY Member 1249223 3 weeks, 1 day ago
TAGGED pug, pooping, cage IN Other Health & Wellness


Poodle/Berner mix pup randomly bites, lunges, growls. Why?

He is a great pup most the time, passed puppy kindergarden, but he has these random fits where he lunges and growls and bites. It has only happens…

ASKED BY Tuck 3 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED random, dog, puppy, bites, biting, growls, growling, snarl, snarling, bernedoodle, wontwalk, walks, plops, pancakes, behavior, training IN Behavior & Training

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6 month old bernedoodle randomly lunges, snarls, and bites me, rips my clothes while on walks. Why?! How do I stop it?

He is a great pup most of the time, passed puppy kindergarten, but he has these fits where he lunges, growls and bites. It has only happened with…

ASKED BY Member 1249108 3 weeks, 4 days ago
TAGGED lunging, biting, bites, lunges, snarls, growls, random, puppy, bernedoodle, refusestowalk, pancakes, aggression, walks, walk, ripsclothes, behavior, training, help IN Behavior & Training

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How hot is 2 hot 4 my dog 2 be outside? I live in Palm Springs, CA & midsummer temps have come early. Dog wants to b out?

I adopted a cairn terrier from an animal shelter on Feb. 28. He is so mellow for a terrier, doesn't bark, howls once in awhile and is all around…

ASKED BY Member 1248671 on 6/28/15
TAGGED cairnterrier, outsidedogs IN Health & Wellness

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My dog got hit by a car about 2 hours ago. I know that her shoulder is injured because she limps and whines every time she moves. We called the vet…

ASKED BY Member 1248330 on 6/19/15
TAGGED emergency, internalbleeding, injury, hitbycar IN Health & Wellness

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Panting and struggling to catch her breath in the middle of the night?

My dog is 14 years old,and she wakes up in the middle of the night panting as if she had just got done running and is struggling to catch her…

ASKED BY Member 1248297 on 6/18/15
TAGGED pantingstrugglingtocatchbreathe IN Health & Wellness

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