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Is my dog sick? (Excessive shedding and irregular bowel movements)?

My dog is a two year old shepherd/husky mix (so obviously I am used to a ton of shedding). He is feed a fish based diet through Blue Buffalo and is…

ASKED BY Member 1197809 on 11/5/13
TAGGED excessiveshedding, frequentbowelmovements IN Health & Wellness

Lily Anne Grace

My dog is puking bile and is constipated?

Since yesterday my dog won't eat, is throwing up bile and seems to be constipated, she pooped a bit the first time it came out like pencil thin and…

ASKED BY Lily Anne Grace on 8/18/13
TAGGED vomiting, bile, noteating, pencil, bichon, appetite, bowel IN Health & Wellness

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For the last two nights our dog has been waking us up 5-6 times to go outside. He is usually pooping?

This is not normal for him. BM's have been loose but not diarrhea. Any suggestions as to what could be going on?

ASKED BY Member 1136202 on 10/17/12
TAGGED bowelmovements, frequentpooping IN Answers

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My 7 month old border collie/whippet mix has solid stools followed by loose stools nearly everytime he goes?

The solid stools are released in one squat followed by the loose stools in a separate squat seconds later. He is currently being fed puppy food…

ASKED BY Member 1087409 on 1/26/12
TAGGED diarrhea, diet, loose, solid, stool, puppy, bowel, intenstinal IN Illness & Disease

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3 questions: how often pup should poop, should it be real squishy, and not eating all her food. More info in details?

Just wondering how often my puppy should be pooping. She is 11.5 weeks old and is usually going about 4 times a day Also, her poop is not watery…

ASKED BY Member 1015773 on 12/15/10
TAGGED poop, defecate, food, eating, meal, bowel IN Health & Safety

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Please tell me what their bowl habits are? do they go for days without one? I just got mine she is 7yr's old?

She was in the pound when i bought her last saterday she has only had one bm which was saterday around 8pm and i got her at 11am she pee's every…

ASKED BY Member 1007535 on 10/12/10
TAGGED bowels, laysaround, breath IN Behavior & Training

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My 1 year old Pitbull swallowed something and I believe it has blocked his bowels. Any help without a vet?

I have a vet but have recently lost my job and have no income. I love my dog and I am doing everything to help him. He isnt pucking blood just…

ASKED BY Member 973073 on 3/11/10
TAGGED vomiting, bowelblockage, foreignobjects IN Health & Wellness

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Would anyone actually care to see the symptoms of hookworms and other intestinal parasites?

this website describes the symptoms of common parasites in dogs. Those of you whose dogs are experiencing intestinal distress and/or bleeding MIGHT…

ASKED BY Member 901737 on 11/24/09
TAGGED bleedingfrombowels, worming, internalparasites IN Health & Wellness

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