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I have a female mini dachshund, and she's 1yr. 7 mo. old. and preg. due the 18. She has a red bottom what can I use?

She's pregnant with 1 litter, and scratches and bites alot. The redness looks like a rash, and is bothering her. I haven't seen any changes in her…

ASKED BY Member 1119252 on 7/6/12
TAGGED pegnantminidachshund, rash, redbottom IN Skin Problems


Yorkshire terrier has two extra bottom canine teeth?

My female Yorkie has has two extra bottom canine teeth, she is around 7 months old and hasnt been spayed yet, we have a appointment at the vet in 2…

ASKED BY Marley on 1/4/11
TAGGED yorkie, extra, bottom, canine, teeth IN Dental Care


Has your working dog ever come across the condition known as "swimmer's tail"?

Swimmer's Tail/Cold Tail is a condition that is caused by either too much swimming in an unconditioned dog, or by water temp. in creeks, lakes…

ASKED BY Ivey on 7/23/10
TAGGED lake, pond, swim, retrieve, tail, bottom, butt, rearend, crooked, swam, swimming IN Exercise

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1 yr old female scooting her bottom on the floor?

Hello. My 1 yr old female dog has been occasionally scooting her bottom on the floor. However, she has not been excessively licking her privates or…

ASKED BY Bellah Burkholder on 11/12/09
TAGGED bottomscooting IN Health & Wellness

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My 11-week-old Shih Tzu puppy constantly licks and chews on her urethra?

I took her to the vet, and they just said to "watch it". Nothing else. It's really, really red- and though not recently, I've seen her chew it to…

ASKED BY Member 757946 on 10/23/08
TAGGED licking, urethra, chewing, lickingurethra, chewingurethra, lickingpenis, lickingbottom IN Other Health & Wellness

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My dogs bottom jaw shakes uncontrollably, what is wrong?

My dog, Lucky, has a spastic motion of his bottom jaw. I wouldn't normally worry because he is a hyper dog and a lot of them make similar motions when…

ASKED BY Member 569182 on 2/11/08
TAGGED shaking, jaw, spastic, seizures, bottom, mouth IN Health & Wellness