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Dog came home with blisters on end of nose and corner of eyes they have busted open and are oozing can anyone tell me wh?

swollen and hard at first then busted open on their own and started oozing. The same bumps that were on the end of his nose is now on the corners of…

ASKED BY Member 1003149 on 9/5/10
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Blisters on Paw Pads... Should I do anything different?

I have a two-year old Yellow Lab/Mix and I feel so bad. I thought I'd take her on a fun exciting 2-mile walk to the dog park yesterday and she has…

ASKED BY Izzy on 5/24/09
TAGGED blister, pawpads, pawburns, pawblisters IN Emergencies & First Aid

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My dog has a blister-like rash on his lower abdominal area. Any ideas?

Grissom is a half Lab/half Rott that is 6 months old. He is already neutered and has recently developed a rash that looks like blisters where his…

ASKED BY Member 836276 on 5/14/09
TAGGED mydoghasarashthatlookslikeblistersonhislowerbelly IN Skin Problems