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The long term effects of keeping a dog in a cage all day?

My boyfriend's parents (they live in Japan) have two dogs and six cats. One of the dogs is a toy poodle with free range of the house. The other is a…

ASKED BY Member 1246107 on 5/3/15
TAGGED cage, mentalhealth, bigdog, abuse, help IN Socialization

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How do i keep my dog from breaking the wooden fence?

i have a big 5 y, lab/pit mix and he keeps breaking out the fence!!and im a 13 year old girl and my dad cant buy an electric fence plus i hate those…

ASKED BY Member 1142344 on 11/26/12
TAGGED fence, breking, peewee, bigdog, agreesive, bitten, peewee, dog IN Other Behavior & Training

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Basset and Chihuahua fight around once a year unexpectedly. How can I prevent this?

My basset hound is a pretty passive dog. Nonetheless, approximately, once a year, she gets into a fight with my sister's chihuahua.Generally it is…

ASKED BY Member 1110619 on 5/13/12
TAGGED irregularaggressionbetweenabigdogandlittledog IN Aggression

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Should I be concerned about my 2 year old Catahoula when adopting a small chihuahua puppy?

I have a 2 year old Catahoula Leopard dog, that unlike most Catahoulas, is really relaxed and laid back. He is more of a lap dog than anything! Maxing…

ASKED BY Member 1062740 on 10/11/11
TAGGED bigdoglittledog, chihuahua, catahoula IN Behavior & Training

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My Havanese puppy Kasey gets along with big dogs but he is frightened of small dogs. Why?

Kasey is a runt weighing about 7 pounds. He loves to wrestle and play with big dogs but when I introduced him to my friends toy poodle Fifi he freaked…

ASKED BY Member 646098 on 8/10/11
TAGGED scared, bigdogs, littledogs, fifi IN Fears & Phobias

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What's the best way to introduce dogs coming to stay for the weekend?

friends are coming into town and have two big pitbulls. I have a small jack russel and a medium to large (65 lb) Saint Bernard/Boxer mix (St. Berxer…

ASKED BY Member 1034441 on 5/20/11
TAGGED introducebigdogstobigdogs IN Behavior & Training

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Should we adopt a big dog?

We own a 5-year-old spayed Miniature Schnauzer and are interested in adopting a big dog (think 100+ pounds). However, we are also moving to Italy in 2…

ASKED BY Member 1021005 on 1/27/11
TAGGED miniatureschnauzer, bigdog, italy IN Choosing the Right Pet


Do 3pound chihuahua puppies get along with giant dogs?

I just adopted a 3 pound chihuahua puppy and I also have 2 giant dogs.Should I keep her kennel not by the other dogs?

ASKED BY Willow on 6/5/10
TAGGED smalldogsbigdogs IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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