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I have a 12-year old Lab/Rott. Took 2 vet & says she has bone cancer! No money 4 anything to help her! Put her 2 sleep?

I'm devistated.I was told my best friend of 12 years, 1/2 Lab 1/2 Rottweiler has bone cancer after a test at the vet yesterday. I took her for her…

ASKED BY Member 987278 on 5/15/10
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How much Aspirin should I be giving my spayed, 50 lb, 13 yr. old Staff/bull along w/ Tramadol 50mg 3 x d, for Arthrits?

She is able to go on short walks and can walk up/down stairs, but appears to still be in pain(she frequently whines). We tried Rhymadyl 75 mg 1x…

ASKED BY Member 879321 on 9/16/09
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