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Roxie momma here, trying to figure out what kind of breed she is?

We got this precious girl from somebody that said her mom was a beagle and her dad was an american staffordshire terrier... However, I went into Petco…

ASKED BY Member 1246098 on 5/2/15
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I have a 7 year old male American staffordshire. We frequent an off leash dog park. Today was our first day at 16 F?

I have a 7 year old male American staffordshire that we rescued 5 months ago. We frequent an off leash dog park with success. Today, with snow and…

ASKED BY Member 1147148 on 12/29/12
TAGGED americanstaffordshire, suddenaggression, agingdogs IN Behavior & Training


Why are so many ppl ignorant and ignore the truth about Pits...they judge their skin before even seeing their character?

I am a proud owner of a Red/Blue Nose pit, Rastas who happens also to be my Service Dog companion...and I just want to know why all these idiots still…

ASKED BY Rastas on 10/11/12
TAGGED pitbulls, americanpitbull, americanstaffordshireterrier, bullbreeds, legislation IN Breeds


Peeing vs. Marking - what's the difference?

We recently added a 4 1/2 month old AmStaff to our family. One of our frustrations in potty training him is teaching him NOT to "mark" inside the…

ASKED BY Makana on 6/23/10
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What is the difference between The Staffordshire and the Pitbull?

I was trying to find out the answer to this question and ran across this on the internet: http:// www. /qa/qa-1627.html (w/o…

ASKED BY Daegan on 11/19/09
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What Breed do you think Honey is?

So we know she's AmStaff for sure, but I'm suspicious she's a mix. We just went to the vet and she weighed 49lbs and is 14mo old. I'll throw it…

ASKED BY Honey on 6/2/09
TAGGED dog, breed, pitbull, apbt, americanstaffordshireterrier IN Mixed Breeds


Getting a dog in a condo, but home all day working. Going to rescue an AmStaff, any thoughts?

The dog is at the pound, her name is Honey and is just a little over a year old. This would be my first time owning an AmStaff, but have owned labs…

ASKED BY Honey on 5/27/09
TAGGED bull, bullterrier, pitbull, americanstaffordshireterrier, staffordshire, amstaff, newowner, condo, firsttime, companion IN Breeds

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