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I have a 7 year old male American staffordshire. We frequent an off leash dog park. Today was our first day at 16 F?

I have a 7 year old male American staffordshire that we rescued 5 months ago. We frequent an off leash dog park with success. Today, with snow and…

ASKED BY Member 1147148 on 12/29/12
TAGGED americanstaffordshire, suddenaggression, agingdogs IN Behavior & Training


Why are so many ppl ignorant and ignore the truth about Pits...they judge their skin before even seeing their character?

I am a proud owner of a Red/Blue Nose pit, Rastas who happens also to be my Service Dog companion...and I just want to know why all these idiots still…

ASKED BY Rastas on 10/11/12
TAGGED pitbulls, americanpitbull, americanstaffordshireterrier, bullbreeds, legislation IN Breeds


Peeing vs. Marking - what's the difference?

We recently added a 4 1/2 month old AmStaff to our family. One of our frustrations in potty training him is teaching him NOT to "mark" inside the…

ASKED BY Makana on 6/23/10
TAGGED housetraining, potty, marking, americanstaffordshire, amstaff, staffy IN Behavior & Training


What is the difference between The Staffordshire and the Pitbull?

I was trying to find out the answer to this question and ran across this on the internet: http:// www. /qa/qa-1627.html (w/o…

ASKED BY Daegan on 11/19/09
TAGGED pitbull, staffordshire, terrier, americanpitbullterrier, americanstaffordshireterrier, difference, breed IN Breeds


What Breed do you think Honey is?

So we know she's AmStaff for sure, but I'm suspicious she's a mix. We just went to the vet and she weighed 49lbs and is 14mo old. I'll throw it…

ASKED BY Honey on 6/2/09
TAGGED dog, breed, pitbull, apbt, americanstaffordshireterrier IN Mixed Breeds


Getting a dog in a condo, but home all day working. Going to rescue an AmStaff, any thoughts?

The dog is at the pound, her name is Honey and is just a little over a year old. This would be my first time owning an AmStaff, but have owned labs…

ASKED BY Honey on 5/27/09
TAGGED bull, bullterrier, pitbull, americanstaffordshireterrier, staffordshire, amstaff, newowner, condo, firsttime, companion IN Breeds

Mr. Perkins

I was abandonded...who am I? Am Staff or Pit Bull. I am 3 months old?

So I can't tell if I am an Am Staff or a Pit Bull. My mommies cannot tell either. Can anyone tell by my photos or know how I any distinguishing…

ASKED BY Mr. Perkins on 5/20/09
TAGGED americanpitbull, americanstaffordshire, breed, puppy IN American Pit Bull Terrier

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My dogs luxating patella surgery failed. He has it in both legs and the vet said there's nothing else that can be done?

He's on Dasequin and is only 2. Is there anything that you know of that can be given to him or done for him to keep him comfortable? It's just…

ASKED BY Member 568384 on 2/9/08
TAGGED americanstaffordshireluxatingpatella IN Health & Wellness

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