Beauty and Nala

You all are great

I want to thank you all for the advice you all gave me. You are a great community and i appriciate no one making me feel dumb or chastizing me for questions. I see what you all mean by let them be dogs. Nala ( the pitt puppy) is learning her boundries. Beauty (the 1 yr chi-pug) is doing a great job of putting her in line. I am looking into trainers so Nala can really learn manners and so much more, I plan on keeping her quite busy as she has energy out of this world. Its hard not to step in when i think she is to rough but as someone stated i am not a dog and to let them be. Beauty will pin her down and hold her for a few till she calms down then he licks her nose and lets her up, too funny cause after that she goes and sulks. She is still alot smaller than beauty so this helps him out. Thanks again You wonderful dog people!

Asked by Beauty and Nala on Oct 31st 2012 Tagged thankyou in Socialization
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