Yorkshire Terrier ...NEED URGENT HELP

Hi All,

We have recently adopted a 6 weeks old yorkie ( she is 8 weeks now). Few things before I ask my questions

• We wanted to wait before getting her in our life but the breeder was not taking too much care for her and would have given her to someone else . (Will appreciate if you all can look beyond this point and guide us)

Her Stats
o Healthy
o Vaccination started a week back
o Very and I mean very active
o Learned basic commands (sit /get it/down/shake hand) but does only if she knows you have food in your hand

Our Situation :
• Both me and my partner are working so we have to leave her at home ( for max 3 hrs twice) .
o We have created a play area for her in our bedroom …large enough for her to run around and we keep water and pee pad in two different corners. We also keep lot of chew toys and a blanket along with her bed in other two corners for her to be comfortable.
o We keep a radio on along with controlled room temperature and light for her to sleep if she wants to

Asked by Member 1136997 on Oct 22nd 2012 Tagged training, food, young, health in Behavior & Training
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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

Your post was cut off. What is your question?

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