Yorkshire terrier has two extra bottom canine teeth?

My female Yorkie has has two extra bottom canine teeth, she is around 7 months old and hasnt been spayed yet, we have a appointment at the vet in 2 days (the vet does not know because i just noticed the teeth) but i just want to find out about it before I go. if you have seen this in a dog before please let me know what you did,what your vet said, etc because I am a bit worried about her but i dont think she's in any pain because shes still as playful as ever lol :)


Asked by Marley on Jan 4th 2011 Tagged yorkie, extra, bottom, canine, teeth in Dental Care
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Presley Star

It's very common for toy breeds to have retained puppy teeth, but they must be removed because of the likelihood of them becoming diseased and abscessed. Your veterinarian could pull them while she is anesthetized for the spay, so that she only has to "go under" once.

We'll have our paws crossed for your sweet pea.

Presley Star answered on 1/4/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

DeeJay had the same problem with the upper canine teeth. The vet said let her chew on harder toys and treats. The vet also said if they didn't come out then she would remove them when she was spayed. DeeJay's teeth did come out, both times we were playing with a tug toy. The vet said extra canine's should be removed if the dog retains them for a long time. Our other dog, a morkie also, Andy never had a problem with his teeth. On a side note DeeJay lost the extra canines at 7 months old. Hope this helps you.

"DeeJay" answered on 1/5/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer