would you have a place for my 7 year old dog? She is a wonderful dog, spayed, current on all shots, housebroken & quiet.

loves rides in the car, but stays quiet during the day. She will bark if someone comes to the door, but oits ok with her if they come inside.She is okay with kids, but doesn't like small dogs, that is the only thing I can think of, otherwise she is a wonderful dog.

Asked by Member 1158728 on Mar 10th 2013 Tagged gracie, quiet, insidedog, housebroken, scaredofthunder in Adoption & Rescue
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Dogster anwers is for questions and answers only. There is no one here, it is only people scattered all over the world who anwer these questions via the internet.
As for rehoming your pet you need to contact a rescue or humane society in your local area for help.
Good luck!

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