Worming a nursing dachshund and her puppies

My tweenie just had a liter of puppies. We are not planning to see a vet so I need all the answers I can get. How old do the puppies have to be before I can start worming them and how often after first dose should I continue

Asked by Tipsy on Feb 4th 2013 Tagged worming in Puppies
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you repeat yourself, so shall we...TAKE THESE PUPS & DAM TO THE VET!!!!!

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They need to be wormed when a stool sample, taken to the vet and examined by them, indicates they have worms.
Worms cannot be seen by the naked eye... they only can be seen under a microscope in a specially prepared sample fixed with a special solution... things only a vet can do.
Furthermore, there are probably more than a dozen potential worms and internal parasites that a puppy can have, all of which will cause significant health issues. Many of these parasites and worms can also be passed to the humans in the family, which is one of the reasons that health certificates signed by a licensed vet are required by law prior to a puppy leaving the litter.
Each of these parasites requires a different does not kill them all. Unless a stool exam is done you can have no way of knowing which worms your pups have or which wormer to give them.
There is no escaping multiple vet expenses with raising a litter of puppies and these expenses are planned for in a properly raised

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