Will my dog sink??

Ny havanese Cosette is so pretty with the long cut. I love this cut and would like to keep it. But when it comes to water, will she sink? Will she be okay??????

Asked by Member 1079707 on Dec 26th 2011 Tagged water, lon, cut, havanese in Travel & Recreation
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Bruno CGC

You could try it and see what happens, be ready to rescue her... It might actually hold more air and actually add buoyancy. Keep in mind, the long show hairdo is difficult to keep from getting matted and tangled, especially if your dog is active and likes to play outside.

If she's not a strong swimmer and you're worried (and maybe you live on a boat or frequently take her to the water) you could invest in a doggy lifevest. Then you could KNOW she wouldn't sink, if you put it on her whenever you're near water. Ruffwear makes a good one, check it out:

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