Will a continuous 4 hour drilling tat is about 100 decibels damage my puppy's hearing?

Its really loud and my family is bothered by it but, my puppy doesnt seem to be bothered at all.

Asked by Member 1082323 on Jan 6th 2012 Tagged puppy, hearing, ear in Other Health & Wellness
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100 db? Yes - thats high. Gun dogs often experience hearing loss and the effective db range of a shotgun is usually around 140 and thats not a constant 4 hours. How often is he subjected to the 4 hours of drilling? Is it daily? If so - you may want to look into hearing protection for him. Dogs have a higher sensitivity range than humans - if your family is bothered, chances are so is the pup. Just because you dont see outward signs doesnt mean its not happening! And they do sell protection for dogs if its a constant thing you should look into it. Check out Mutt Muffs

Buffy answered on 1/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer