will a collie's hair grow back after being shaved?

I took my dog to the groomer only to get him groomed and they shaved him. I was furious. Now i want to know if he will ever get his full coat back? We had a collie before and we had to shave a small part on her butt and it never fully grew back.

Asked by Member 523285 on Oct 29th 2007 Tagged shavedcollie in Other Grooming
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It really does depend on the individual dog. Last February Gio (my 5 year old Sheltie) was hospitalized and they ended up having to shave his belly and part way up his sides in order to do an abdominal ultrasound. The hair grew back, but it is of a different texture, slightly more whispy, than the rest of his hair. My younger Sheltie, Romeo, was neutered late (around 9 months old) so had a decent coat already that needed to be shaved. His hair has grown back perfectly with no texture differences.

You can try giving some coat or skin supplements to encourage healthy hair growth. Crack a raw egg over his food a few times a week (not too often or you could get some diarrhea), or add some fish oil (oil from the body of the fish, not liver oil).

And definitely go discuss this with the groomer in question! Unless the dog is severely matted or has skin lesions that require the hair gone, a double coated dog should never be completely shaved! Ask for your money back and file a complaint!

Gio answered on Oct 30th.

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It really depends on the individual dog, unfortunately.

Some dogs will grow back their coats just like they looked before. Some dogs will grow their coat back, but it will look and/or feel different from the original coat. And some dogs don't grow the fur back, or only grow it back partially.

I sure hope you did not pay the groomer for shaving your dog? And if you did... please go back and file a complaint. Then find a new groomer.

I have no patience for any "groomer" who would shave a double-coated working breed - regardless of whether the owner requests it or not. These breeds have their coats for a REASON. Our local good groomer has a sign that says, "We will not shave working dogs. Ask us why." and yes, they will turn away someone bringing in a Shepherd or Collie asking for it to be "shaved".

Shaving your dog at the beginning of winter is just asinine. No good groomer would do this!

Abby answered on 10/29/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 4 Report this answer


I think it is more than likely that the dog's coat will come back just like it was, with time.

It does happen that some dogs' coats are not the same after a shaving.

But, most dogs will get their full coat back with time.

Jack answered on 10/30/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


One of my childhood collies was groomed by a novice groomer once - he had a few knots behind his ears and on his side, and she decided to shave him. He was 12 years old at the time - it never grew back. He looked pretty silly with a poofy head and smooth body... plus he was a tri-color, and his undercoat was old and he just looked like a grey smooth collie with a poofy face. However this is not always the case and may grow back. Perhaps this was only the case because my dog was pretty old at the time... no idea! But I would give that groomer a piece of my mind!

Kolbe answered on 10/30/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer

Mademoiselle Satine

I am a groomer and i would only shave a double coated dog ONLY if necessary ( matted ). The hair will grow back if the dog's thyroid level is normal. I work next to a vet and I have asked him this when i first started grooming. We have had dogs (that are not meant to be shaved) grow their hair back a different color, texture, pattern, patchy, or not grow back at all. It may also grow back completely normal. But if a groomer shaved you pooch for NO reason then I would complain. Shaving a double coated pooch is the LAST resort!! there is always brushing, dematting and blowing out all the under coat you can. But if it is inhumane to do this then shaving your baby is the only humane answer. If you want to know if you pooch's hair will grow back, check his thyroids... :)... Sorry for rambling.. but hope it helped :)

Mademoiselle Satine answered on 11/2/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer