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Why won"t this entry post

Hello Boxer Town!! It's been a pretty horrible day around here. :-O:-O That doing clothes thing--Mom went to the utility room to start a load at 3 am while cooking breakfast for Dad and the washer would not start. It's not a year old yet, and she called Sears. They will fix it--she has that warrenty thing--but they would not give her an appointment until Friday. Dad is still working at least 12 hours each day with no days off--has only 3 uniforms, and now no way to keep them clean for him. She hates going to a washiteria, but says she will have to when he comes home.:((:(( I woke up this morning vomiting. On the sixth try--I vomited up blue plastic. It seems that last Monday, when she left to go to town, one of us got a plastic fly swatter and chewed it to pieces. She didn't know which one of us and she cleaned it all up and was not too concerned because it all seemed to be there. She wanted to blame Kirby Joe--as he likes plastic--I generally prefer wood, and Chili seems to have grown out of such things. It's been over six months since I tore up anything, (Does that call for a celebration?:)) ) Well--I'm feeling pretty sick right now--and Mom is worried. She sighs and says--"this too, shall pass.":-/:-/ Dad bought new fly swatters to take to work with him--and left one for us--didn't tell Mom and didn't put it up. Does this mean he is in trouble also? Mom says it does if she ends up having to take me in to the vet on a Sunday! :?:?:? I'll post again in a little while--when I'm feeling better. ::o::o::o::o

Asked by Sallie Mae on May 23rd 2010 in Groups
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