Why is my gsd bitting me so much?

Ok so I have 8 1/2 month old gsd female and she has got a nasty bitting habit! Whenever my mom goes outside Lucy (our gsd) keeps on bitting her legs. My mom always wheres skirts so her legs show. I thought it was just cause she like her better and was more exited around her, but no! Just an hour ago I came home, I came from gymnastics so I was in shorts. As soon as my pup saw me she ran up to me and started bitting my legs! And it really hurts!!! She almost never does this!
By the way she is an outdoor dog so she doesn't come inside.
I don't know what to do with her! She seems to be o be attracted to bare legs! What can I do to stop this??!!

Asked by Lucy on Feb 1st 2013 Tagged gsd, bitting, painful, mean in Aggression
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♫Xena ♫

Dear Lucy,

a well trained GSD is one of the most wonderful companion dogs on the planet - I should know as I have 7 of them.

There are lots of great training videos on line, and my favorite is the Kikopup training method.
Here is a link to the one about stopping unwanted behaviors;

I love these training methods because they use positive reinforcement and develop a loving bond between you and your dog.
Just set aside a regular hour each day to turn training time into play time for you and your puppy, and before you know it you will have the most wonderful, loyal friend.

Good luck with training your German Shepherd puppy.

♫Xena ♫ answered on Feb 5th.

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All dogs need pack structure and most dog owners don't a clue what it is,most breeders don't even know.Dogs must be treated like wild animals it's what the Lord wanted so in the dog world a family is a pack and how many members are in your pack will be ranked first to last.Dogs are made by the Lord for this to happen so rank must be settled, dogs will fight and bite and growl do everything the Lord wanted them to do.When the dog bites the person must stop still and stare into thier eyes saying NO in a calm but loud and clear voice everytime without fail NEVER say NO more than once or you'll be training the dog to wait for more than one NO this could take several weeks don't give up.What everyone should know a dog will do anything for the smallest amount of food when hungry and thats what the smartest dog trainers in the world do today,so now this becomes a game where if they bite no food reward and also when saying NO go away instantly and ignore they learn quick it's no fun alone.

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Again, I say, IGNORE the above advice. It is outdated garbage that is total cow-poop.
There are a few reasons why she could be biting. The most likely is that she is entering butt-head teenager phase. If you have been training her daily, consistently, then train her to sit, or heel. You can try the yelp technique, but she's bit old. EVERY time her teeth touch skin, yelp loudly, then ignore her for about a minute. If she is pestering you, calmly put her in a safe room or her kennel for about a minute. Then bring her back out.
She is at the age where she will be pushing her limits & testing your consistency as a leader. It is so important to train every day & get her 2 hours...of exercise. GSDs need firm, fair, positive leaders. NOT the type of leader mentioned above, but one that will guide her through life. One she can trust to make good decisions. If she doesn't think you are that leader she will take the job. Train, train, train...for what you want, not what you don't.

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Follow Wiley's Advice and Ignore that first person's advice

Obi answered on 2/2/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Follow Wileys advice......great advice, training is so important on a daily basis. Please ignore the above persons advice, so not true at all!!!!
Wiley also said if the pup is pestering you to put her in a quiet room or kennel for a minute, and trust me that works puppy Lexus is 6 months old and has come a long way and is on the right track with the training we have been doing, but there are times when she goes through what i call "phsyco phase" BOL where she will run around and want to bite everything so at this time i put her in the kitchen behind a baby gate and she calms and usually takes a nap, then when she is let back in with us she is normal again!! Good Luck

Mika answered on 2/2/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


German Shepherd Dogs are a breed whose main purpose is to work alongside their owner/master. They are not a breed well suited to living alone in a back yard! They belong in a house living with their family.
All of the problems you are outlining with Lucy, even including her failure to maintain weigh and eat well, can be directly attributed to a companion animal who is not getting the companionship and contact with her people that she needs and deserves.
My advice would be to get her into your home where she can get more attention and people time. Running around with her in the yard is not ever going to cut it, especially while she is still a puppy. She needs constant one on one.
I also suggest you get yourself and your family involved in some sort of puppy training class. This will help her bond and listen to you all, as well as give her some stimulation and an outlet for her physical and mental needs, an outlet which she is not currently getting living alone in the back yard.

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