Why is my dog limping on both hind legs?

I have a small APBT (38 lbs) that starting limping a couple of weeks ago. At first it was just her back left leg and only at night after she layed down for awhile. I was still worried so I took her to the vet. While she was there she wasnt limping much and the vet prescribed some anti-inflammatorys and told me to keep her laying down and only take her on walks on the leash. I have done that and tried as much as possible to keep her from playing with my other dog. Since that visit to the vet about two weeks ago she started limping on her right leg and today she is almost completely immobile. She barely will get up and even when she does she can only go a couple of hops before shes laying back down. Im taking her to the vet in the morning but I wanted to see if anyone had an idea of what could be causing this. She is only 1 yr old. thank you!

Asked by Member 1081531 on Jan 2nd 2012 Tagged pitbull, limping in Health & Wellness
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it could be a number of things but since shes only a year old my best guess could be that its growing pains . this usually happens between 2months - 2 years old in large breeds .
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hope this helps !

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