Why is my border collie so aggressive?

When i take her for a walk and she sees a dog she starts to go crazy, whines and jumps around. When I take her up to the park and play frisbee and a dog walks up to her she gets aggressive and starts going after it (with or without the frisbee). And today when my friend brought her spaniel over, who is the sweetest dog, I let Katie (my collie) in and she immediately cornered the spaniel and started going after it. What is going on? (She is very well trained in other areas, and is extremely nice to my pembroke welsh corgi)

Asked by Member 849444 on Jun 26th 2009 Tagged fight, bordercollies, aggressive, behaviorproblems in Behavior & Training
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Hi Katie!
You are a herding dog, a member of the smartest breed, and if you are given an inch, you'll take a mile. Your bossiness is part of your breeding, but you need to learn to pay attention to your humans and trust and respect their leadership and judgment.

My best advice is to ask your humans for a trainer/behaviorist to work with you on this issue before it gets worse. Here is a link to my trainer's website, where you can find an article on selecting a reputable trainer:

While you're in the process of selecting a professional who uses humane methods and positive reinforcement, read The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. She is not only a brilliant behaviorist, she also owns a farm with at least three working Border Collies, one of whom actually helps her work with cases of dog-on-dog aggression. This book will help you understand where Katie's coming from and how best to help her. Good luck!

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I think the patricia book will also help discover some areas for training that will be helpful.
Don't be discouraged in reading a book by very excellent trainers they can give you tons of simple techniques to learn from!
she is nice to your dog because that is her buddy. I find this a problem with alot of herding dogs.
It would be helpful sounds like to read and find ways to control her impulses to chase down other dogs. This can be very challenging but not impossible. You start with giving the dog a reward for stopping on command, but all this must be done on a long line for many weeks then when you make progress the times and lessons are a little longer. Only short sessions at first. She may of never also had early socialization with other dogs.

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