Why has my dog lost her appetite?!

My dog has lost her appetite. this only just started after she had to go to the vets for a knee problem and they had to put her under anesthsia for the first time (shes a 1 year old & a maltese) ever since then she hasn't eaten a solid meal and that was 5 days ago today. i'm worried for her cause she has already lost weight and i can start to feel her spine when i pet her. i've tried giving her wet food her favorite, baby food(that was the vets idea), hot dogs, ground beef&brown rice, everything she'd usually eat in a second! but she just runs away like she's afriad of it. i don't understand, and the vet even said he doesn't know why she's acting this way. & the little bit of food she has managed to eat she puked up. i'm wondering if this could have anything to do with the anesthsia going wrong or something?! maybe stress?! she even twitches (alot) in her sleep sometimes now which she's never done before and also started sleeping with her eyes open. she does drink water though

Asked by Member 1032567 on May 2nd 2011 Tagged food, appetite, sickness in Illness & Disease
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The anesthesia can affect the appetite. Provide lots of water to flush it out, it can cause naseau as well. Have you called your vet???, he can give meds for it.At this time she is most likely dehydrated from not eating and drinking fluids. She may be feeling toxic at this point with some of the anesthia trapped. Take her to the vet immediately she can't wait any longer.
He can also place an IV at this point with fluids so that her blood starts to get some well deserved liquids. I don't know what kind of surgery she had but you need to get the vet immediately at this point.

Dieta answered on 5/2/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I have had a dog that had a bit of trouble wanting to eat after being put under for surgery. But if this has gone on for this long I think a trip to the vet is in order. I wish you the best and I hope your dog gets feeling better soon.

Dunkin answered on 5/2/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer