Why does she pee in the basement?!

Hi i just adopted my 7 year old, spayed, husky dog about a month ago. She is housetrained and doesn't go to the bathroom when she is upstairs or when she is around people, but if i leave her in the basement for any period of time while im at work, she pees and poops EVERYWHERE. i dont know why she does it or how to fix it. its driving me crazy. i put her in a wire crate and she destroyed it and got out.

Asked by Member 1177729 on Jun 30th 2013 in House Soiling
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Pineapple Smushface

I found a similar situation when my dog went into heat (it was a 50/50 that she was already spayed). This dog did not have accidents and then suddenly she was going on the rugs and the floor. Now when I go out I keep her in a bathroom. The thing about getting an older dog is that you don't know the history. Her family may have given her up for the same reason (unless you know the previous owners) and then you still might not get the whole story. She might have been kept in such a space for days during the winter and it was okay for her to do that. Try using scented pee pads and see if she will use them, because then at least you won't need to scrub the floor constantly. She may also have separation anxiety due to previous experiences or abuse, so dousing the basement with anti-stink and calming spray is not a bad idea. If you have a large bathroom, I would put her in there with everything she needs instead of the basement- she might react well, as if it was a larger crate. ^_^

Pineapple Smushface answered on 2/3/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer