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Why does my puppy bark and cry when I get him out of the crate?

He is 12 weeks old and I can't seem to get him to not bark in the crate. Also, when I get him out he cries and whines and barks. I try to tell him no or ignore him but it seems to make it worse.

Asked by Darwin, CGC on Mar 31st 2010 Tagged crates, anxiety in Crate Training
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Is he still barking/crying/whining when you let him out? Every time you do that, no matter how long you waited beforehand, you're teaching him, "If I whine and cry and throw a hissy fit, Mom will do what I want."

If he's in the crate and suddenly begins to cry, it's important at that age to make sure he doesn't just need to pee. Take him out of the crate without talking to/looking at him, take him straight outside and tell him to pee (or whatever command you'd like to use). If he does so, physical praise, then back in the crate. If he doesn't, back in the crate still without speaking to or looking at him.

If he cries whenever he's in the crate (and he doesn't need to pee), it comes down to ignoring him. Do not acknowledge his fit in any way. Go out of site and go about your business, and do not go back until he is quiet, no matter how long it takes (with pee breaks if necessary). If he starts whining again as you approach, leave the room again immediately. Maybe minutes, or hours.

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What I do is lay down by the crate like I was going to sleep there. Usually a puppy may fuss a little, but then settle down and go to sleep. Once it is asleep, you can get up and go to bed.

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When you get home he is barking and crying because he's excited to see you! My guys all bark up a storm when I first get home...they run around between my legs and all tell me how happy they are that I am home.
I don't mind, at least I know I've been missed, and it only lasts for a little bit.

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The best way to get a dog accustomed to a crate is to make it a fun place to be. Hide treats in there for him to find, praise him when he goes into the crate on his own, if he whines and barks IGNORE. If you give him attention for whining he knows that everytime he whines you'll come running. Even negative attention will make the dog continue. Put toys in the crate for him to play with and when he's quiet give him a ton of attention for being a good boy. It's easy to ignore a well behaved dog and hard to ignore the annoying loud dog. But it benifits your dog if you do not give in. Also make sure your dog is well excersised as that will cause yelping and whining behavior as well from boredom

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