why does my 3 yr old shih tzu not like being picked up? she growls(not aggressively) or jumps away

Asked by Member 987162 on May 14th 2010 in Other Behavior & Training
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There is a Toy Poodle in our neighborhood, Luci, who dislikes being picked up as well. She shows her teeth and growls ferociously, and it is not easy for her owners when she needs to get in the house quickly.

I always thought the problem was that the dog doesn't trust their owner completely. Dogs shouldn't be afraid to be picked up by someone they trust. However, the dog could just not liked to be picked up by anyone. It's often scary for them. Being so high in the air, not being able to move.

We found something in the Forums section that you may be interested in. There is a lot of answers about a dog who doesn't like to be picked up our sit on laps. Here is the link:

Good luck with your Shih Tzu! Only pick her up if it is nessacary.

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