why does a dog STAND over another dog's head?

While my older dog is lying down, my younger dog straddles his head or back, constantly!

Asked by Member 785667 on Dec 31st 2008 Tagged dog, straddlesover, standsaboveother in Other Behavior & Training
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ellie may

it is a dominance thing. all dogs do it. i wouldnt be too concerned unless it results in aggresion. my dogs do it all the time, the female of the four i have usually is the one who shows dominance. she will even mount the males to dominate them. they do many things to show dominance, my dogs lick the mouth of the oldest dog, they say that this too is showing submission to the dominant dog. weird, but it kinda made sense once i read about it. good luck to you, hope you find the answer you need. Happy New Year !

ellie may answered on 12/31/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer