why do some dogs eat new born puppies

Asked by Member 924794 on Nov 30th 2009 in Other Behavior & Training
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There are many reasons why a bitch will eat her puppies. She could feel unsecure and vaulnerable in her whelping box, the puppies could be sick, she could be sick, she could be calcium deficient, or she could have a behavioral or hormonal problem that doesn't allow her to develop maternal instincts. If it's her first litter, it could also be inexperience or accidental (chewing the cord too close to the belly, over grooming, etc). The inexperience could also lead to territorial behavior--she doesnt realize those invading animals that suddenly appear in HER space are her puppies. There are lots of things that nonbreeders don't know or realize that can go wrong, which is why it is so very important to leave breeding to knowledgable breeders.

Isy answered on 11/30/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Here are some reasons:
Moving her and the puppies immediately after they were born??? Was is quiet and calm around her, and was she kept away from the family and especially the male? Also was the temperature where she and the babies were about 90 degrees to keep them warm enough? Did she see a vet to make sure no pups or placentas were retained? Any of these are reasons why a female could eat her pups.
As a breeder, all I can tell you is that I NEVER leave my females alone with a litter for the first 24 hours at least, and watch them even longer with a first time mom. In many cases it takes a while for the hormones to kick in and they are not trustworthy alone until that happens. They are kept in a room by themselves with no other people or children or dogs near them. I have a large whelping box when the mother can get away from the pups if she needs to, and there is a heating pad and/or a heat lamp keeping the whelping box at least 90 degrees for the first week.

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Both excellent answers they are right.

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