Why do my dogs pee on /EVERYTHING/?

I have two dogs, both Chihuahuas and male And they are both 2yrs. They have had this problem ever since I received them from a lady that lived in my city a year ago. Every time they are out of there area, the room off of my room. They pee on /everything/. Getting on my bed and peeing on my sheets blankets and pillows. The couch, bags left on the ground suitcases chairs, the garbage can, stove, fridge, and even on people. They know where to use the bathroom, we lay paper down and change it 3 times a day or even more depending on how messy it is. We even let them outside 3-4 hours a day. If they don’t stop Im faced with getting rid of them. Or family just cant take it. We love the dogs dearly and im typing to you just after washing my blankets for the 5th time this week. Please, help us. Thank you.

Asked by Member 997070 on Jul 15th 2010 in Other Behavior & Training
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They are marking have they been fixed?? If not that is why they are doing it get them fixed most all of this will stop put them in a creat when you are gone are can not wach them. take them for lots of walks and prsie them when they go outside!!

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