Why did you name your dog that?!

I am interested in knowing what name you chose for your dog and why!

Asked by Rose on Mar 19th 2010 in Books & Entertainment
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Charlie Pete

I have two dogs....and I didn't choose either of their names....they did! When I get a new dogs, I just wait....and wait...and wait. I dont actively try to think of names. Then one is absolutely clear what their name is supposed to be. They let me know through behaviour, personality. I sort of wanted to name my boy Bruno....but then Charlie Pete presented itself after a week and it was perfect. My girl was slow...she didn't get a name for quite some time...almost a month. I thought about naming her Jessie....Then Annie. Then one day ...BOOM... JessAnneMarieLouise. It is perfect for her; there could be no name that is a better fit. :-)

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Daisy was without a name for a while as I couldnt come up with one good enough. :S The one afternoon I was walking with mom and Daisy ran up to the garden and she loves smelling flowers so she started to smell a Daisy. So I thought about it and was like Daisy thats the perfect name! As for Boston he came with that name and I didnt like it. I wanted to name him spike. Well I got him at a slightly older age so he already new his name everyone was like he looks like a Boston you know very distinguished. Well now that I know him really well his personality fits spike to a tee! He is my bad attitude child :D O well go with my gut next time I guess.

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Dieta- had no choice that was her registered name but seems to fit her.
Bridget-Eley- the shelter named her that but it is cute so we kept it.
Baxter- I did name him it was just that cute name that you get that just pops into your head. He looked like a baxter.Seemed formal with his tuxedo colors.

And then right after that I think they came out with the commercial with a baxter who was a boston for the dirty mouth gum. :)
I would laugh.

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Hector was named after someone. I didn't personally know the man Hector, only by aqaintance,but he was a big man, nice, but very guarded. His size and demeanor just seemed to stand out. When I first got my dog from the shelter, he for some reason reminded me of this person from so many years ago. Heneforth, his name.

Teddy was such a sweet dog, friendly, and easy going. He was just a big ole teddy bear!!

Bo, wash't suppose to stay, so we just called him bocephus, while he stayed here during his neutering surgery recovery. We never changed it when we decided to be his forever home.

Gidget was named due to her size. She was so very very tiny when she came to us. I was afraid one of my dogs would step on her and kill her. She is still the smallest, but also the most rotten, spoiled dog I have ever had. We now call her GIDGI-MONSTER!!! and it fits.

How did Rose get her name?

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I had my mind set on naming our puppy Star, but when we decided to get a male dog, I thought Star wasn't really fitting. My Hubby & I started to look at other names and Chris saw "Super Nova" as an alternate to Star. I thought it was cute but didn't want to be calling my dog Super anything lol So we opted to shorten it to just Nova. He's my little shining star :)

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When I decided I needed the sounds of puppy feet throughout the house again, I already had the name picked out. When I went to see my new pup, I was so excited because the name fit him perfectly. It's funny, most people don't get his name. They always ask, "where did you come up with a name like that?" and when I say, "it's how you spell dog...D O G." They always laugh and say it's a cool name.
My hubby wasn't too keen on getting another dog. He said the heartbreak I felt over my first dog was difficult and he didn't want to see me go through it again. I would write little notes around the notes, I WANT A DOG!!! I'd write in on the mirror, DOG. I think I wrote it enough times that D O G just stuck in my head.
Of course I couldn't spell his name DOG cause they people would think I named him DOG, so the spelling became Deogie.

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Skippy came to us already named as he is a rescue. But it totally suits him. He actually skips when he walks.

Vivace use to be called Daisy, but we quickly learned that she didn't even know her name so we choose to change it. My sister also has a GSP with a musical term as his name and I thought it would be cool to stay with that theme since my niece will be showing both dogs. I choose Vivace because of the meaning. It totally suits her personality. Not to mention it is something different and I'm not for using common names when naming my pets.

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Wiley was the obvious choice as the humane society believed he is part coyote & has a huge prey drive. When he was younger he would run headlong into gates, lakes, & even off a four foot drop in his quest to get gophers, ducks, rabbits. I wanted to get him a sign "Yikes!" to hold up! Thank dog he never hurt himself. Squ'mey is a first nations word that means "dog." I had wanted something to do with white, but that word is pronounced "uck" & I couldn't fathom calling that in a dog park without someone getting offended.!

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We named him Howard just because it suits him well. I don't call him Howard, sometimes I will, but I call him Henry. I got the name Henry from "What I Like About You", it's a tv show.

Woody's name came from the farm, he was found as a stray in the woody area on the farm. So, we named him Woody.

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Toto, Dorothy (since deceased) and Tinman all came from breeders in Kansas. Beanster was rescued and we picked them up at the LL Bean exit in ME. Harvey reminded me of a big ole' rabbit. Pinki was the pup in the litter with the pink yarn collar. The rest were just named cuz I liked the names.

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We had a name picked out before we even got a dog. My dad and I had read a nonfiction book titled "Rescuing Sprite", which was about a man and his rescued dog - a really good book, by the way. So that's how we got Sprite's name, and it really fits him now!

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You always have such cute questions, Rose.

Jack we named the fastest of any dog we've had...on the way home from the shelter. He was a very cute, but slightly serious puppy. We had been watching the show LOST the day we got him and since we like to name our dogs "people" names I started running through all the boy names I could think of and I started naming people on "the island." HA!

We came to "Jack" and he just sort of looked at both of us and we said, "That's it!""

Louie was just Louie. We thought it fit his great, sweet, goofy, happy go lucky nature. We sort of named him Louie-Louie for a while there for that old song. But now he's just Louie.

(PS I love the story of Deogie's name, here! The doggie daycare we take the boys to is actually called Dioji, but I don't like that spelling as much!)

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shiloh Bear

shiloh bear got his name because when we were thinking about a dog name my sister was reading the book shiloh so we thought it was a perfect name for him. for the bear part he is part chow and if you smoosh his cheeks together he looks like a bear

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My kids named three of our dogs - Daisy, Sora, and Jennifer. These are all video game characters. Peanut was named by his previous owner.

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Thunder named himself. I wanted to name him Storm. My BF said that we should wait until we got to know our new pup. The first night we had him there was a T-Storm. Thunder was sleeping soundly on the floor. When it started to thunder he looked up and barked. I said oh, I think he is scared. My BF said No way, he is mad that the storm woke him up. Either way Thunder became his name. Now that I know him better I believe he really was mad at the storm. He is fearless.

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people have said that aussies have a good sense of humor so when we got joey, we immediately thought of a goofy name and joey seemed to fit. we call him other things too like joseph, joe, joanne, josephine, and all kinds of other goofy names. joey is a fun name to play around with, if you know what i'm saying.

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I honestly don't know. I was little when we got her but I named her. I was about five yrs. and we were looking for a dog and we found her. I went looked and called her Kc. Don't know why.

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