which shampoo is better for flea free Dog ?

Asked by Member 1147494 on Jan 2nd 2013 Tagged dogsflea, dogfleacontrol, dogfleatreatment, dogfleamedication in Pet Products
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Any shampoo which contains a detergent base as compared to soap will kill fleas by removing their protective coating which causes them to drown. It does not have to be an expensive flea shampoo, in fact, most of them are extremely harsh and are over kill.
NO shampoo, even special flea shampoos, leaves a residual effect on the dog so shampooing alone will not stop any flea infestation. As soon as the dog goes back into the flea area after his bath the fleas will just jump back on it.

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The best shampoo I've ever used to kill fleas on a dog is Natural Chemistry De Flea Pet Shampoo. It is a great shampoo.

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