Which puppy would be a good fit for my puppy!

I have a jug puppy; pug and jack russel. She was my pick so now my boyfriend gets a choice. He wants a big dog, but wants to raise it as a puppy first. I know puppies like to play but it scares me to think another puppy might accidentally hurt her because she is so little. She's great around other animals as long as they don't stay forever haha. She is a mommas girl so she gets jealous if other dogs cuddle up to me or want to play with a toy. What dog breed or breeds do you think would be a good match with her, if any?

Asked by Jugs on Jan 26th 2012 Tagged jug, puppy, month, puppies, mix, pug, jack, russel, terrier, jealous, other, breeds in Other Puppies
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