Which places are inappropriate to bring a dog?

I'm a new puppy owner and I would like to take her everywhere I go! I just don't know which places are absolutely inappropriate to bring her to. She is an 8-week-old Shiba Inu puppy. Please help!

Asked by Member 1125176 on Aug 17th 2012 in Other Puppies
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Congratulations! Great idea to start socializing now. Until she has all her shots, avoid places she could come into contact with body fluids. So no dog park yet. But if you have a friend with an utd dog, then arrange a play date.
As far as public, take her to dog friendly stores, like pet stores. Do not put her down, but let her get used to all the sights, smells, sounds.
Do not take her where dogs are not allowed. But many cafes have sidewalk patios where you can enjoy a cup of coffee & have your dog with you. She can meet people there.

Member 904338 answered on 8/17/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Bruno CGC

Okay, keep in mind, I'm American, and don't know if these are absolutely universal in other countries... but to my knowledge:

Usually public building like libraries, post offices, museums, etc are off-limits for dogs, as are medical buildings (hospitals, doctors offices). Non-service dogs are NEVER allowed in inside any place that serves food, such as restaurants and grocery stores (though like Wiley said, sometimes they are okay on the patio outside.)
While most parks and natural areas allow dogs, a few do not, so always read the signs before hitting the trail (when she's a little older.)
In retail stores, assume dogs are NOT allowed unless you know they are. Pet stores, okay, feed stores, usually okay, hardware stores, sometimes okay. All other categories usually "no". But always ask first, and please take responsibility for your dog- keep the leash short, clean up any messes, and don't let her approach people without their permission.

Good luck, and enjoy your puppy!

Bruno CGC answered on 8/17/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My mommy takes me everywhere with her. The other day she got in trouble at walmart.
I don't like to be away from my mom and I cry all the time so I think mom will start hiding me better

Cricket answered on 11/9/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer