Where to get my dog groomed and how?

My dog looks just like benji but is more grey and I was wondering where is a good place to get him groomed and how should I have his fur cut? It is very wiry, thick, and long.

Asked by Member 1119680 on Jul 9th 2012 in Professional Grooming
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I take my pup to Petsmart. All they do with her is give her a bath, brush her, dry her, trim nails, clean teeth,clean ears, and she gets a bow or bandanna, she is a short fine haired dog so no trimming is needed. They have very great groomers. I would just have them trim his/her fur down..I am pretty sure they would know what trim he/she would need..So if you have a Petsmart around go check it out..It is very reasonable prices to me..I get mine done for $30.00 for all that.

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Bruno CGC

Check around and see what's local to you (phone book, internet search, etc). Ask your vet what local groomers they recommend. Or, if you bought your dog from a breeder, ask them about grooming your dog.

I would look through some dog books and magazines (and websites) to find pics of dogs with similar hair and body type, and haircuts you like. Show that to the groomer you end up going to. They can do their best to approximate it. If you know what breed/mix he is, you could easily find out what haircut is traditional to that breed as well. (just Google.)

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