Where should I keep my puppy?

I asked a question on " why is my puppy biting so much?"
Well a few people answerd and said that she needed more exersize and that she has to be in the house. Well first of all I can't walk her for 2 hours! I have school and homework. My mom won't walk her for very long, maybe 30 min. And keeping her in the house would be my dream come true!! But my mom hates having pets in the house! We kept her inside in a closed off area. She was in our kitchen and playroom. She is my puppy so I had to housebreak her. The only problem with that was that she went to the washroom every 2-5 minutes! And every time I took her outside she didn't want to go anymore, but when we brought her in she went. Soon after all the accidents that happend, my mom decided to put her outside in a shelters area. It was summertime so it was really warm outside. She has been outside since then with our older dog.
We r gonna move and we have an indoor room for her there.
Is she goona be ok outside for another 3 months?

Asked by Lucy on Feb 4th 2013 Tagged dog, outside, puppy, trouble in Dogs and a Clean Home
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I read excuses. This is your dog...YOU need to find the time it takes to train & exercise her. Time management. Get up an hour early to take her for a walk or to a park for fetch. Another hour after school. Training in short sessions should be another hour.
If you can not commit to this I foresee disaster. She will become increasingly more difficult to manage & will likely make your life HECK in the next year. GSDs have a prolonged teen stage where they seem determined to drive you batty.
If you do not get all the issues you've posted about settled, this will NOT end well.
BUT.. if you take the time with her daily, she will be physically ok outside for a couple more months. BUT ONLY if you spend tons of time with her.
A bit curious about the "indoor room for her" Does this mean she will still be isolated from the family? If so, I strongly suggest you examine why you have a dog, especially a GSD, at this point in your life.

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I am one of those stating that a GSD is not genetically bred to be an outside dog, they are bred to be inside, living with the family, not stuck in a room somewhere.
I also seriously question WHY you got a GSD. A bit of research would have told you that sticking them outside and expecting them to turn out okay does not work at all.
Housebreaking a GSD is extremely easy and should have been done when she first came to live with you...the longer she lives outside, the harder it will become, and the more out of control she will become.
Dogs are not house plants...they need MUCH MORE than just food and water. Without the time necessary to commit to this training and structure, you should not have gotten a GSD, you should have gotten a house plant.

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I fully agree with the 2 other posters. I am not sure why people get dogs, only to turn around and say they have no time for them and wonder why they are not trained? They do not come trained, a good dog is one who has an owner or family who spends lots of time with them, has happy daily training sessions, gets exercise and love etc...please dont ruin this dogs life because you dont have "time" do not isolate this dog to a room either, that is no fair!! You really need to decide what is best for this dog and your family. Decide if you are going to put the time and love into this dog, it is what he/she deserves

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