Where are Milkbone dog biscuit ingredients actually from? Is there embalming fluid in this treat?

I know that most of what Sam's & Walmart sells come from China. Beggin Strips, Pepironi treats. When I inquired about Milkbone from Delmonte, they called me back and said they are distributed out of Buffalo, NY. I knew then he was being evasive.When asked where the ingredients came from, he said they always tried to use United States but sometimes had to use world market. I want treats that are made in America and are healthy for my pet. I am angry.

Asked by Member 1070860 on Nov 15th 2011 in Treats
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Gray Dawn Treader

I'm not sure.

I'm more lenient on treats from the store since they aren't the main diet, but if you're looking to feed healthy treats exclusively Milkbones aren't that treat. (They're made mostly of grains last time I looked. Dogs are carnivores, so a meat-based treat is better.)
Some brands I'd look into are No-Grainers (I've seen them at Wal*Mart, or Purebites (made exclusively of freeze-dried meat, I've bought them from Pet Supplies "Plus" before).

But actually, you can make treats at home. There are dog treat recipe books. Not all are good, though. I prefer making treats with meat in them.
Some "people food", like meat and some vegetables (my dog likes peas), are good for dogs and, in small portions, can be used as treats.

Dog biscuits are rather large, and it's a good idea to break them down into smaller pieces if you're going to use them for training treats.

Gray Dawn Treader answered on Nov 17th.

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Bruno CGC

Ha, if you want "healthy for my pet" you should stay far, far away from Milkbones and their ilk... even if they are totally harmless (and I think they are) they're just empty calories and part of the reason there is a pet obesity epidemic in America. Dogs do NOT need biscuits and treats to show them our love, do it with a game of tug or a belly rub.

I would guess that the ingredients in Milk Bones that come from China are the vitamins and minerals. This is true of most vitamin supplements, even ones for humans. Most dog food includes vitamins made in China too, even "holistic" and "natural" brands. I SERIOUSLY doubt there is "embalming fluid" in any Milkbone product, just look at the ingredient list and Google anything you're not familiar with.

And while you're at it, look up homemade dog biscuit recipes- the only way to REALLY know what you're getting, if you have to feed him treats at all.

Bruno CGC answered on 11/16/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer