When my dog meets a new dog, he sits on his belly and waits there. what does it mean?

He looks unpredictable, and very assertive, but his sitting on his belly, just asking because he is a pit bull, very nice dog, well mannered, but when provoked or misjudged can be dangerous in a little dog scuffle because of the power they have. He wouldn't hurt another dog but can't risk it.

Asked by Member 1149994 on Jan 14th 2013 Tagged aggressionwalkingbehavior in Leash Walking
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Just make sure out on walks that you keep him on a leash for protection. If he shows any of these signs, or all of them, or a fight does occur, I suggest a very comfortable muzzle. There is this muzzle that is well in comfort and is safe. I forgot the name of it, but it is a muzzle where the dog can still open his jaws as wide as the muzzle is adjusted. Its pretty neat! But yeah, these are the signs to look out for when your dog is off leash with any other dog or even if he is on leash. If he shows these signs, 'Pull the dog away immediately!' I know this due to the fact my dog was attacked by a pitbull and just before the pit attacked, it showed these EXACT signs:
- Freezing.
- Tail stiff in the air(Upwards tail).
- A firm upright posture OR Head/shoulders not too low, not too high but set 'straight.'
- A 'Direct' stare.
- Any growl or lifting of the upper lips.
- Slow movement and/or Half mooned eye.

Please at least take these to heart and keep a close eye. :)

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My neighbor's dog is a lab/pit mix named Sadie and when she sees either myself or my husband walking our dog, She lays down on her belly and waits for us to say hi. When we get closer she stands to sniff our dog Angie.

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