whats the difference between tapeworms and flukes?

I've been finding these little white worms in my dogs feces, around and coming out of his butt. I usually only see them at night for some reason. At first I thought they were segments of tapeworms, but it's my understanding that what you see of tapeworms are just little egg filled segments that aren't really alive? These are about 1/2 inches long, white, flat and they are definately alive. When they move around their "head" changes shapes-kind of from pointed to triangular, I really don't know how to describe it. They eventually just dry up and die. I had read somewhere about flukes in humans and dogs but having a hard time finding any info. Does anyone know what these worms are? I'm going to take my dog to the vet soon but want to know now what they are as I see them every night.

Asked by skooter on Jul 9th 2010 Tagged tapeworms, flukes, worms, flatworms in Worms & Parasites
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Sure sounds like tapeworm to me. The little segments do move around for awhile then they dry up. They stick to an animals rear end and you might find some of the segments in the bedding where the pet sleeps. They might be white or orange.
When you take Skooter to the vet, take a small, fresh stool sample. They can test for various internal parasites and get you the right wormer to take care of the problem. Don't try buying a wormer over the counter, they are just about worthless.

Member 201551 answered on 7/9/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


They sure sound like tapeworm segments... these segments are actually the egg sacks of the tapeworm, although they do have motility, strange, huh? I believe that flukes are individual parasites whereas the tapeworm segments are just part of the entire worm. Flukes normally burrow into tissue, either muscle or skin. These tapeworm segments do not, while they move, they do not stay alive and move very far. They usually result from the dog ingesting fleas or, rarely, small rodents, and are not difficult to get rid of, except they require a specific wormer. Normally they will not show up on fecal exams, so it is necessary to tell your veterinarian you saw the segments, although it is also a good idea to have a fecal sample tested to make sure there are not any other worms or parasites as well. Make sure you use a good flea treatment, and remember, if you also have cats they will need to be treated for fleas as well.

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mystic can help you disyfer the worms with pictures and explanations. when my mom worked at the vets-this site came in handy even for the doctors.

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