What's the average price of a vet dental cleaning?

I'm looking into getting my Valley Bulldog's teeth cleaned and I'm wondering what other people have paid for this service.

Asked by Baby on Jan 26th 2008 Tagged dental, cleaning, bulldog, vet, price, cost in Dental Care
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the price varies sooo much depending on vets and where you live. In Phoenix, Arizona, we paid close to $400, in Columbia, South Carolina, I found a vet that did my dogs for $90 and with a rescue's extra tooth extractions and meds for abcess it was only $140. Here in TX (yes we move a lot--military) it is close to $200 at my vet which is one of the cheaper prices. You'll have to call different vets in your area to get a better estimate...there is not "ball park" figure and even in the same city, different vets can vary by several hundred $$. :( It's not going to be less than $100 I don't think unless you luck out, but I wouldn't pay more than $400 either. Try to find a vet under $200 and you have to consider what they charge for your dogs anesthesia based on weight. Remember that larger dogs are going to be more expensive than what anesthesia for a Chihuahua would be. Ahhh the joys of vet bills :)

Odin answered on Jan 26th.

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It certainly depends on the area your in.But inthe Ohio-Michigan area you can expect to pay any where between 125-300 depending on if your dog needs any special treatments or meds. The short nosed dogs can run a high risk so use caution when selecting your Vet or get alot of info about it so you know what to expect
Good luck

Pedro answered on 1/26/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I live in San Antonio TX and Feb. is teeth cleaning month at Vet down the street. 10% off cost is about $125.00 but there are other things to consider....Pre-op Blood Profile about $48.99...Post Op Pain Medication about $26.00 so yes it could range about $200.00 when all is said and done. Good Luck Baby!
I am scheduled on Feb 8th forever momma has taken the day off work!

PENNY answered on 1/26/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer