What would be moderate exercise for an epileptic yellow lab?

We have a 6 year old pure breed yellow lab that has epilepsy, the vet and all the information I can find says moderate exercise is best. What is considered moderate exercise and how many days a week would it be?

Asked by Member 600250 on Mar 27th 2012 Tagged yellowlabradorlabepilepsyexercise in Exercise
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It really depends on the dog. For an elderly, arthritic, obese Lab, 20 minutes of gentle walking might be "moderate". For a 1-year-old field-type Lab, that wouldn't even rev his motor, and 2 hours of running daily might be his "moderate".

Presumably epilepsy doesn't control Sammie, and she can still live a normal life. So let her tell you how much exercise she needs. If she's still jumpy and raring to go, not enough. Panting hard and then collapsing in a heap, too much.

I'd suggest at least an hour walking/jogging daily, either in one go or split into two sessions. Play fetch or tug whenever you can too, it burns lots of calories and strengthens your bond with her. Labs are actually active, athletic dogs, contrary to their couch-potato reputation.

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