What would a border collie, wolf hybrid look like?

Supposedly, border collies are the closest to wolves than any other breed of dog, so I've read. When i search for a border collie wolf hybrid on search engines, only drawings of them come up. I would like to see one, if anyone on here has one. Or is there a reason that there isn't any? I figure that a border collie wolf hybrid could be very dangerous.

Asked by Angel on Jan 17th 2010 Tagged dogs, bordercollies, wolves, hybrids, together, appearence in Mixed Breeds
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I have never heard that one.Border collies were bred as sheep herding dogs, whereas wolves would hunt sheep! Huskies, malamutes, & akitas are the breeds typically associated with being closest to wolves. They can have the same colouring & the thick undercoat. The only wolf hybrids I have seen were gsd/wolf & malamute/wolf. Beautiful animals, but certainly not for the novice owner. I agree, it would be interesting to see one though!

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Actually, dogs such as Siberian Huskies and Wolfdog breeds are closer to wolves. There shouldn't be any hybrids unless there's an irresponsible breeder.

Jet answered on 1/17/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I'm border collie, husky and wolf. I'm not dangerous. I look like a mini wolf/fox. I don't bark. And I love herding. I'm also in training for therapy work. My mom was border collie dad was husky and wolf.

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I had a border collie/wolf. She was slightly bigger than a border collie, had her dad (the border collie) coloring of all black with a white chin, chest, tummy, and legs with a white tip at the end of her tail. She had the wolf gray behind her ears and shoulders. Wolf build. Smartest damn dog I've ever seen. She was killed, one of the down sides to having a wolf hybrid, people are scared of em. I'll try and get a pic up for you to see. People think that that particular mix would be trouble for livestock, but they're wrong. She was great with cattle, horses, sheep, anything but rabbits.

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I remember watching a show on dogs that said borders were the closest to wolves as well. But, I think they were saying that they were closest to wolves mentally. And, in the sense of herding with the same strategy wolves hunt. I have border collies and my girl reminds me of a wolf all the time with a look in her eyes.

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My friend has a Wolf/Malamute with Border Collie mix and she is a beautiful dog. White under coat, with black over coat. Long snout like the wolf, ears like the Wolf side. Long legs, very intellegent and loves to play. Not the least bit agressive and will let you do anything to her. I have a picture of my newborn on my page, and I have another one of her older sister.

Cole is not in the least bit "Very dangerous" actually the opposite. She is 41% and big baby! She will sit on your lap and snuggle with you when you have the time. It's all in the way they are raised. My friend has done wonderful work with her dogs, she's very loving, but also presents as the Alpha. I think once that is established, and the dog knows who is leader of your pack, you won't have the issues like you are hearing.

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I actually (and currently) have a border collie/wolf hybrid right now. I got him by accident when my ex-husband took me and my four-year-old son (who is now 11) to the shelter to adopt a dog to help ease our son's transition when my ex left to go back to Iraq, and Frankie (my dog) was the last one of his litter-mates left to be adopted. He was adorable, and was just a little black ball of fluff. He actually looked like a little bear cub, and when we asked what breed he was, they told us that he was a border collie. Our vet was actually the one who told us about a month later that he was a wolf hybrid. I don't know if anyone at the shelter knew about his breed. Basically, he just looks like an all black over-grown version of a border collie, but you can tell just by looking at his eyes and snout that he is a wolf. He has the sweetest disposition you've ever seen, and has no food aggressions. Actually, he has no aggressions at all. He is a very sweet and loving dog.

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Like this. Titan is 11 months old, half Border Collie, half Gray Wolf from known parents. Like a small wolf with white accents.

At this age he is not dangerous but very destructive if not engaged at all times, very active at night. He has brought me two rats he gently killed so no need for a cat so far. Very distracted on a walk and he never tires.

He was fixed at 8 weeks so we will see how he shapes out. For now just consistently training. He is very food motivated so it looks good.

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My boy is Border Collie/Alaskan Husky/Wolf, His mother is a Purebred Border Collie Shipped over from Scotland, His Father is A Alaskan Husky/Wolf Whom ran in the Iditarod a few times, He was Huge,Black W/Gray markings on shoulders & face. My boy Is the color of his mom Black & white, but has Gray Patchs on his shoulders. I have had herding dogs in the past, but this boy has the most amazing drive I have ever seen, He is VERY Independent... He is Very Smart, This boy thinks for himself all the time.. He was a very trying pup, I fixed him at 7 months,but is a strong marker(outside)He's much taller then most border collies I have seen, Im still waiting for him to stop growing, he will be 4 in days, Has non stop energy, I will say that my boy is not for everyone, in the wrong hands he could have become a dangerous dog, He is a boy that needs a firm owner,(NO Hitting)a alpha,as there r still times when I c that look for a sec. & u need to be ontop of that at all times. He's My Love & I His.

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believe it or not, all of you are incorrect about which breed of dog is closest related to a wolf. It's actually a Shih Tzu (courtesy of Animal Planet).
Any wolf-dog is dangerous. Because it's half-wolf.

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Hi! There are alot of responses on here claiming that huskies and such are more closely related to wolves than other breeds. This is actually completely untrue. All dogs are "equally" related to their wolf ancestors. Huskies and the like bear a stronger resemblance to them which is where the confusion comes in. This resemblance is caused by the fact that environment has a very strong influence on the phenotype (that is, appearance) of animals. Huskies and Malamutes were bred to do well in northern climates that wolves also do well in. For lack of space I can't get into the details but i assure you your lab is just as closely related. As for border collie wolf mixes, I've had a border collie, beagle wolf mix and he was an excellent dog :) stubborn but kind and intelligent and loyal, I'll have to find some pictures! It does happen however!

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my dog's mother is a border collie and his father is 1/2 german shepherd and 1/2 wolf, he is 75 pounds, mom was 35 pounds, dad was 90 something pounds, he is all black has long very soft hair, does not shed, is super smart, has great agility, and does search and rescue work he looks pretty much like a belgian shepherd

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I have a mexican grey wolf bordercollie mix, she is tje smartest loving dog ive ever had. Shes extremely fast and competitive with other dogs but is a sweetheart, not once have i had any bad thing happen. She so obedient. I wish i can post a pic

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You have some lovely border collies! To answer your old question about hybrid wolf/border collies, yes, they can exist (most are out of breeders who are trying to get a border collie temperament with wolf appearance). I had a rescue boy. He came to me at approximately 8 weeks old, according to our vet because the breeder decided that the pup was a runt with "bad eyes" (not blind though). The vet tested him and found him to be a cross between a border collie and an Eastern Wolf. It was an odd mix. He was extremely smart. Housebreaking was a breeze. He was very beautiful in my eyes and aside from his vision being a bit less than normal, he had no major health problems. His coloring takes the red from his wolf ancestry and the markings of a border collie (even the white tail tip).Instead of the black with white, he was a red with white. He lived for 17 years as a family member. I miss him terribly.

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